Here is the list of endorsements which Twice participate in since predebut:

Year Title Members NOTES
predebut Secret T (TN) Nayeon, Jihyo with Boyfriend and suzy
predebut Wii Dance Nayeon, Jeongyeon
2015-17 Skoolooks Twice
2015-16 LG U+ Dualphone Y6 Tzuyu
2015-16 LG U+ LTE Video Portal Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu
2015-18 Nexon Twice Games include: Elsword, Region of Heroes, Sudden Attack
2015 CJ CGV Models Twice Snoopy, Combos, Premieres etc.
2015-17 KB Kookmin Card Twice
2015-16 KMilk Twice
2015-16 Redcettu Twice
2016 Arena Twice
2016 Gamaro Chicken Twice
2016 Golfzon Twice
2016 Innisfree Twice
2016-18 KaokaoTalk Twice Emoticons
2016-17 I.Seoul.U Twice
2016 LG U+ Raybeam Projector Tzuyu
2016-19 Lotte Duty Free Twice
2016-17 NBA Style Twice
2016-17 Nature Collection Twice
2016 Pholar (Naver) Sana, Tzuyu
2016 - 2017 Spris Twice
2016 Strikezon Twice
2016-17 LG Care Twice Tomaru, Nature Collection
2017-19 Pocari Sweat Twice
2017-18 MLB Twice *Ended in 2018
2017 SK Planet Twice 11th street (online shopping site)
2017 Baby-G Twice
2017 LG V30 Twice
2018 Yahoo! (Japan) Twice Y! mobile Academy
2018 Acuvue Twice
2018 Nike Air Max (Japan) Twice
2018 Bean Pole Twice Beanpole Sport teaser

Beanpole Sport full

Beanpole Sport A

Beanpole Sport B

2019 Qoo Drink (Japan) Twice
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