Mitzu (Mi/na and Tzu/yu) is the friendship pairing between Mina and Tzuyu.

Other Names

  • Tzuna (Tzu/yu and Mi/na)
  • Miyu (Mi/na and Tzu/yu)
  • Tina (T/zuyu and M/ina)
  • Mzuyu (M/ina and T/zuyu)



  • They are both vocalists in the group.
  • They are both considered to be two of the foreign members in the group.
  • They are the two of the quietest members in the group.
  • Both can do ballet (Mina has done ballet for 11 years but Tzuyu has done it for less than a year)


  • Mina is Japanese while Tzuyu is Taiwanese.
  • Mina was born in 1997 while Tzuyu was born in 1999.


  • They are in the band Twice.
  • Tzuyu said Mina looks pretty when she sometimes open her eyes widely.[1]
  • Tzuyu said Mina has alot of ideas. By saying her ideas, she is able to fix dance choreos.[1]
  • Mina said the best thing about Tzuyu is that she is the tallest and she has very long arms and legs.[1]
  • Mina said Tzuyu is good being with a group of people but she is the style who wants to be alone.[1]


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