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Momo was always the last one to turn off the lights in the practice studio late at night. Also known as the “practice freak”, she constantly practiced her dancing and singing, unaware of her surroundings. The YouTube video of her dancing with her sister was soon discovered, and she was casted to JYP and then as a member and main dancer of Twice. “I used to beg to dance ever since I was three. I cried and begged [my parents] for them to send me to the same dance academy that my sister went to.. just like how other children beg their parents to buy them a trainer’s bicycle. So that’s why I have confidence in dance. I was eliminated from Twice. I was beginning to worry about what to do [with my life], what I should be doing, but at the last broadcast, I was so surprised when JYP PDnim added me as the last member. I felt like I was walking through my dreams. I think [JYP] noticed how debuting was the only thing in mind and how hard I was working. My goal is to be like Rain or Lee Hyori sunbaenims.”

  • What do you want your name to be related to when it's searched up on the Internet? "Diet" and "Abs".

  • What did you tell each other when you were nominated for first place on music programs as soon as you debuted? It was probably an unforeseen event. It was like a dream.
  • Mina, Sana, Momo, and Tzuyu’s appearance on My Little Television reaffirmed TWICE’s place as the trend. But a live broadcast must have not been easy for you as foreigners. We got nervous and flustered a lot. What I remember from filming is that I got to keep eating the jokbal I like so much! So I was happy.
  • The entire nation watched the road to your debut. You all heard harsh words from Park Jinyoung in front of everyone. Is there anything you still remember from the comments? What I remember most is from the first mission, when the PD said, “Who is Momo? I couldn’t tell what kind of person she is.” So I worried and thought a lot about myself.

  • Cute concept or Girl Crush concept? Girl Crush concept (All Chose)
  • Summer or Winter? Summer
  • Long hair or Short hair? Couldn't Chose
  • Hair with bangs or Hair without bangs? Hair with bangs
  • JYP new office building or JYP old office building? Couldn't Chose (Along with Jihyo)
  • Bread or Cake? Bread (All Chose Except Chaeyoung)
  • Shooting a music video: Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor (All Chose)
  • Beach or Water Park? Beach
  • Day or Night? Night (All Chose Except Mina)
  • TV dramas or Movies? Both (Only one who chose both, while all the others chose Movies except for Jihyo)
  • If you were given a day off, you would: Stay at home all day or go to Hangang river and picnic? Stay at home all day
  • Which word do you like the most? 두근두근 (Pit-a-pat) or 찌릿찌릿 (Tingly-Tingly)? 두근두근 (Pit-a-pat)
  • If you had to challenge one thing, would you rather: dance to a song 4 times the speed or 2 times slower? 4 times the speed
  • Which is harder to you: Memorizing the lyrics or Memorizing the dance moves? Memorizing the lyrics
  • Would you rather do: Heart fingers or Big heart sign? Big heart sign
  • Do you like: <TT> hand gesture or <Signal> hand gesture? <Signal> hand gesture (Only one who chose)

  • Are there any differences between your pre-debut Christmases and your Christmases now, do you think?
When I was a trainee, I would just spend my Christmas with the other trainees in the dorm. After debuting, spending my Christmases together with all the members and ONCE, and having planned schedules are what I think is different!
  • How do you want to spend Christmas this time?
There should be a schedule for us on Christmas day, but I really want to eat snacks with the members in our dorm or just be able to spend time with the members in general.
  • Are there any episodes that stick out to you that you remember about the Christmases you had when you were young?
On Christmas Eve every year, I would write a letter to Santa because I really wanted to receive lots of gifts. I wrote out the Christmas list with gifts I’d love to get, prepared some cookies and milk and put them on top of the table. The next morning, the things I got ready for Santa all disappeared and instead there was a gift waiting for me! There was always the gift I wanted and other gifts there.
  • Until what age did you believe in Santa Claus?
Until middle school. Even though I believed in Santa Claus’ existence until then, later on, I just naturally figured out for myself that he wasn’t real.
  • What would be top of your list if you became Santa Claus for a day?
I want to give kids all around the world our album as a gift!
  • Are there any Christmas movies or songs you really enjoy?
A long time ago there used to be a movie that I watched so many times at home. What was the name again? Home…
  • Home Alone? It's the movie with Kevin, right?
Yes! That kid is so cute! For songs, during Christmastime I feel like listening to a lot of calm ballads so I listen to soft, chill music a lot.
  • What would you like to get each of the members for a gift?
For Nayeon eonnie, I feel like I should give her snacks! Because, it seems like eonnie looks for snacks and jelly all the time, I really want to give lots and lots to her! For Jeongyeon, a cleaning robot? Because Jeongyeon does the cleaning a lot, I want to buy her a machine/device that would help her with it. For Sana, a medicine that would make her hair grow faster! For Jihyo, a Thomas the Tank Engine plush doll. For Mina, a real penguin! For Dahyun, because she loves to eat cup ramen, cup ramen! For Chaeyoung, a baby tiger cub.
  • A real baby tiger cub?
Yes! For Tzuyu, I think she'd like an exercise machine.
  • If you were given your last free time for the year, what would you most like to do then?
On a day without any schedule, I’ve been wanting to try playing an escape room game. I always think that kind of game is so fun to play!


"Catches the eyes with great style and dancing"

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