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Not to be confused with the song More & More.

More & More is the ninth Korean Extended Play by K-pop girl group TWICE. The Extended Play was released on June 1, 2020.

Background and Release

Twice flew to Jeju Island on April 24, 2020for 2 days to film their title track music video. On April 28, 2020, during the premiere live stream of "TWICE: Seize The Light", Jihyo gave the spoiler of the comeback date on June 1, 2020, while at the same time revealing the title track would be called "More & More".

The English single of More & More was released on August 21, 2020.


  1. "More & More" - 3:19
  2. "Oxygen" - 3:45
  3. "Firework" - 3:13
  4. "Make Me Go" - 3:06
  5. "Shadow" - 2:48
  6. "Don't Call Me Again" - 2:53
  7. "Sweet Summer Day" - 3:11



With EP's release Twice performed special stages of the various songs Sweet Summer Day and More & More. With the song teasers were also released of the introduction of the title track and the dance break of it as well. Concept films were also filmed featuring the promotional photo backgrounds where they were filmed.

Commercial Performance

On May 27 it was officially announced that the album had surpassed 500,000 pre-order sales. 260,000 copies were sold the first day Twice broke the record for the highest first day sales group and the firlst Korean girl group to surpass 200,000 copies sold on the first day of release. It became Twice's best selling album and the best selling Korean girl group album as well.

The album topped the Gaon charts at Number 1 along with the Japan Oricon charts at number 1 as well. It also reached the US WOrld albums at 2 and 200 at US Billboard 200.

Official Description

트와이스가 6월 1일 미니 9집 'MORE & MORE'를 발매한다.

트와이스는 긍정적이고 건강한 에너지를 극대화한 새 앨범을 통해 눈으로 한 번 귀로 한 번 감동을 선사한다. 전작 'Feel Special' 이후 9개월 만에 컴백이자 2020년 발표하는 첫 신곡으로 음악팬들의 갈증을 해소한다.

타이틀곡 'MORE & MORE'는 사랑의 설렘과 달콤함이 무르익을 때 상대를 더 갈망하게 되는 감정을 담은 곡이다. 트로피컬 하우스 리듬으로 트렌디함을 배가했다. 후렴에는 화려한 퍼포먼스에 집중할 수 있게 악기 소리를 배치했다.

'SIGNAL', 'What is Love?', 'Feel Special' 등 트와이스 대표곡을 만든 JYP엔터테인먼트 수장 박진영은 'MORE & MORE' 작사와 편곡을 맡았다.

가요계 흥행 보증 수표인 이들이 다시 만나 활동곡 기준 ‘13연속 히트’를 정조준한다.

‘MORE & MORE’ 뮤직비디오는 생생한 색감과 빛을 이용해 매혹적이고 강렬한 느낌을 자아낸다. 동화에서 나올 법한 환상적인 오브제들로 시각적 즐거움을 안긴다. 아홉 멤버들은 숲속 여신으로 변신해 신비롭고 몽환적인 분위기를 극대화한다. 여기에 제주도에서 촬영한 기하학적인 수중 세트 위 군무 장면으로 눈을 뗄 수 없게 만든다.

새 앨범 'MORE & MORE'에는 동명의 타이틀곡을 비롯해 'OXYGEN', 'FIREWORK', 'MAKE ME GO', 'SHADOW', 'DON’T CALL ME AGAIN' 그리고 'SWEET SUMMER DAY'까지 총 일곱 트랙이 수록됐다.

샤이니 'View', 레드벨벳 'Dumb Dumb’, 태연 'Why' 등 다수의 히트곡을 작곡한 영국의 작곡가 팀 LDN Noise를 비롯해 트와이스 'Heart Shaker' 등을 작업한 Sean Michael Alexander, EXO 'Tempo'를 작사한 JQ 등 화려한 작가진이 모였다.

미니 2집 ‘PAGE TWO’부터 꾸준히 곡 작업을 해온 트와이스 역시 신보 수록곡에 참여했다. 나연은 'MAKE ME GO'를 단독 작사하고, 'SWEET SUMMER DAY'는 정연과 채영이 각각 작사, 랩 메이킹을 맡았다.

'K팝 대표 걸그룹'이라는 수식어를 거머쥔 트와이스는 매 컴백마다 색다른 시도를 선보이고 있다. 이번에도 새 앨범명 ‘MORE & MORE’처럼 더욱더 이끌리는 매력을 펼칠 예정이다.

TWICE releases the 9th mini album'MORE & MORE' on June 1st.

Twice is a new album that maximizes positive and healthy energy, and once by eye, once by ear. It is a comeback nine months after the previous work'Feel Special' and the first new song released in 2020 will quench the thirst of music fans.

The title song'MORE & MORE' is a song that contains emotions that make you want more when you are full of the excitement and sweetness of love. The tropical house rhythm doubled. In the chorus, the sound of the instrument was arranged to focus on the gorgeous performance.

JYP Entertainment chief Jin-Young Park, who made TWICE's representative songs such as'SIGNAL','What is Love?', and'Feel Special', wrote and arranged'MORE & MORE'.

The music industry's box office guarantee check meets again and aims for '13 consecutive hits' based on the song.

The'MORE & MORE' music video creates a fascinating and intense feeling with vivid colors and light. It is visually pleasing with fantastic objects that might come from a fairy tale. The nine members transform into a forest goddess to maximize the mysterious and dreamy atmosphere. Here, the geometrical scenes set in Jeju Island make it impossible to keep an eye out.

The new album'MORE & MORE' has seven tracks including the title song of the same name,'OXYGEN','FIREWORK','MAKE ME GO','SHADOW','DON'T CALL ME AGAIN' and'SWEET SUMMER DAY' It was recorded.

Sean Michael Alexander, EXO'Tempo,' who worked on TDN's'Heart Shaker', including LDN Noise, a British composer who composed many hit songs such as SHINee'View', Red Velvet'Dumb Dumb', and Taeyeon'Why' A group of brilliant artists, including JQ, who wrote the song, gathered.

TWICE, who has been working on songs since the 2nd mini ‘PAGE TWO’, also participated in the new album. Nayeon wrote'MAKE ME GO' exclusively, and'SWEET SUMMER DAY' was written by Jeong Yeon and Chae Young, respectively, and rap-making.

Twice, with the modifier'K-pop representative girl group', is showing a different attempt at every comeback. This time, the new album name,'MORE & MORE', will be more and more attractive.


アップデートワイスは肯定的で健康的なエネルギーを最大化した新しいアルバムを通じて目に一度耳一度感動をプレゼントする。前作「Feel Special」以来9ヶ月ぶりにカムバックと同時に、2020年に発表した最初の新曲で音楽ファンたちののどの渇きを解消する。


「SIGNAL」、「What is Love?」、「Feel Special」などアップデートワイス代表曲を作ったJYPエンターテイメント首長パク・チニョンは「MORE&MORE」作詞と編曲を引き受けた。



新しいアルバム「MORE&MORE」は同名のタイトル曲をはじめ、「OXYGEN」、「FIREWORK」、「MAKE ME GO」、「SHADOW」、「DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN」そして「SWEET SUMMER DAY」までの合計七トラックが収録された。

シャイニーView」、レッドベルベット「Dumb Dumb」、テヨン「Why」など多数のヒット曲を作曲した英国の作曲家チームLDN Noiseをはじめ、アップデートワイス「Heart Shaker」などを作業したSean Michael Alexander、EXO「Tempo」を作詞したJQなど派手な作家陣が集まった。

ミニ2集「PAGE TWO」から着実に曲作業をしてきたアップデートワイスも新譜収録曲に参加した。ナヨンは「MAKE ME GO」を単独作詞し、「SWEET SUMMER DAY」は整然と・チェヨンがそれぞれ作詞、ラップメイキングを担当した。

「Kポップ代表ガールグループ 'という修飾語を手にしたアップデートワイスは毎カムバックに風変わりな試みを披露している。今回の新しいアルバム名「MORE&MORE」のようにより一層先頭に立た魅力を広げる予定だ。

Extended Play

On May 7, JYPE released the teaser of the extended play consists of :

  • 3 versions of album cover
  • 9 different CD covers,
  • MORE postcard
  • 9 coaster cards
  • 100 photocards
  • The Most Cards (First Edition Only)
  • Photocard Set (Pre-order Only)
  • 3 versions of posters

Photo Gallery

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