SaiDa (Sa/na and Da/hyun) is the relationship between Sana and Dahyun.

Other Names

  • Sada (Sa/na and Da/hyun)
  • Dahna (Dah/yun and Sa/na)
  • Dana (D/ahyun and S/ana)
  • Sahyun (Sa/na and Da/hyun)



  • They are both the craziest and dorkiest in the group.
  • .Both weigh 48kg.


  • Sana is from Japan while Dahyun is from Korea.
  • Sana was born in 1996 while Dahyun was born in 1998.


  • They are in the group called Twice.
  • Sana has confessed multiple times to Dahyun. "The moon is beautiful tonight isn't it Dahyunnie?~" "Dahyun is a liar....I love liars."
  • Dahyun has consecutively said (4 times) she would date Sana when asked 'Which Twice member would you date?'
  • During 'Twice In Switzerland', 'The HeartShaker Livestream', and a couple other V-lives, Sana and Dahyun had repeatedly said, "Saida is the best!"
  • Sana and Dahyun has explained that the infamous 'i' from Saida comes from the korean word of soda (or lemon-lime soda), that's why it is named Saida and not SaDa.
  • Dahyun used to call Sana 'Shy, shy, shy, Sana' and tease her of her aegyo in Cheer Up.


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