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#TWICE2 is a special album from Twice. The album was released on March 6, 2019. Twice's second self-titled Japan album comes with ten tracks, including both the original and Japanese versions of "Likey", "Heart Shaker", "What Is Love?", "Dance The Night Away" and "Yes Or Yes".

"Likey (Japanese ver.)" is the titled track of the compilation album and the music video was released on January 11, 2019.


Standard Edition

  1. "Likey (Japanese ver.)" - 3:27
  2. "Heart Shaker (Japanese ver.)" - 3:08
  3. "What Is Love?(Japanese ver.)" - 3:28
  4. " Dance The Night Away (Japanese ver.)" - 3:03
  5. "Yes Or Yes (Japanese ver.)" - 4:01
  6. "Likey" - 3:27
  7. "Heart Shaker" - 3:13
  8. "What Is Love?" - 3:28
  9. "Dance The Night Away" - 3:02
  10. "Yes Or Yes" - 3:58

Limited B Version

  1. "Likey (Japanese ver.)" - 3:27
  2. "Heart Shaker (Japanese ver.)" Music Video - 3:08
  3. "What Is Love?(Japanese ver.)" Music Video - 3:28
  4. " Dance The Night Away (Japanese ver.)" Music Video - 3:03
  5. "Yes Or Yes (Japanese ver.)" Music Video - 4:01
  6. "Likey" Music Video - 3:27
  7. "Heart Shaker" Music Video - 3:13
  8. "What Is Love?" Music Video - 3:28
  9. "Dance The Night Away" Music Video - 3:02
  10. "Yes Or Yes" Music Video - 3:58
  11. "Likey (Japanese ver.)" - 3:27
  12. "Heart Shaker (Japanese ver.)" Music Video Making - 3:08
  13. "What Is Love?(Japanese ver.)" Music Video Making - 3:28
  14. " Dance The Night Away (Japanese ver.)" Music Video Making - 3:03
  15. "Yes Or Yes (Japanese ver.)" Music Video Making - 4:01
  16. "#TWICE" Jacket Shooting Making Movie

Background and Release

In Janurary 2019 it was announced officially by JYP that Twice would release their second Japanese complation album (after #TWICE) on March 6. Likey (Japanese Ver.) was pre released didgitally on Jan 10 along with What Is Love? (Japanese Ver.) being released on Feb 7 as digital singles along with their music videos. After the albums release it was released in 3 versions (Standard Edition, First Press Limited Edition A, and Limited B). In Version B there were the Japanese songs and the Music Video making videos as well.

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