TWICE: World In A Day is Twice's first online concert held on August 9, 2020, at 3:00 pm (KST) on the Vlive+ Channel. The concept of the concert was "a world tour in one day" connecting with fans all around the world through their performances.

Twice collaborated with Beyond Live - a platform created by SM Entertainment that provides paid video concerts, combining with artist performance with various graphics and technology. It was initially only available for SM artists, but Twice is the first non-SM artist to use this platform.

Beyond Live platform provides AR (augmented reality) to perform all hit songs. And artists can also have interactive communication between the fans and the members.

The concert ticket costs 1500 vlive coins and there were many different packages and special offers available.

Video on demand (VOD) for the concert was later released on October 30th.

Multi-cam VODs were released on November 30th.


Opening VCR

1. Stuck In My Head (Rock version) (Multi-cam OFF)

2. Touchdown (Rock version) (Multi-cam OFF)

3. Fancy (Rock version + dance break) (Multi-cam ON)

Ment 1

4. Heart Shaker (remix) (Multi-cam OFF)

5. Love Foolish (Multi-cam ON)

Ment 2 + Talk with ONCE

6. TT (Multi-cam OFF)

7. What is Love? (Multi-cam ON)

8. Yes or Yes? (OT18) (Multi-cam OFF)


9. Shadow (Multi-cam OFF)

10. Firework (Multi-cam ON)

Ment 3 + Photo Time

11. Feel Special (Multi-cam OFF)

12. More & More (Multi-cam OFF)

Final Ment

13. 21:29 (Multi-cam OFF)

14. Turn It Up (Multi-cam ON)

15. Cheer Up (Multi-cam OFF)

Exclusive Live (after concert, but not streamed in VOD service)

Video Gallery

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