Twice's Elegant Private Life (Korean: 트와이스의 우아한 사생활) is Twice's own first reality show since debut. The members will disclose their real daily life behind cameras. To allow viewers to stick closer to their lives, Twice members has thought of different activities to allow viewers to see their individual personality and positive energy. Full Uncut versions are not available on official YouTube channel, only parts are uploaded.


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  • Nayeon and Chaeyoung love to watch dramas.
  • Momo doesn't watch dramas when the members have dinner.
  • Momo loves Jokbal (pig's leg).
  • Jeongyeon loves to play with lego, her fans also gave her lego as gifts.
  • Tzuyu's mom always gives her skin care products and masks, so she uses them well.


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