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Twice V LIVE Channel was started since Twice debut in 2015. They released many live shows including Melody Project, Solo V LIVE and Twice TV. By 2019, Twice is ranked number 2 for "Most followed Kpop Girl Group on V LIVE", with more than 5,000,000 followers.

Live Broadcasts

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Thumbnail Title Description Air Date
Mina vlive
Mina Game V Mina shares games that she likes to play and also shows off her gaming skills by playing a computer game with ONCE. (Watch here) Jan 2016
Chaeyoung vlive
I'm So Chaeyoung - Music V Chaeyoung shows off her paintings that she drew and recommended songs that she listens to all her fans. Spoiler: Nayeon and Jihyo appears in the vlive. Tzuyu's voice is also in the background. (Watch here) Jan 23, 2016
Momo vlive
Momo Dance Mania V Momo shows off her powerful dance skills by performing many different songs. (Watch here) Feb 17, 2016
Sana vlive
Sana Date V Sana has a virtual date with ONCE which shows her cuteness as a girlfriend. (Watch here) March 3, 2016
Jeongyeon & Jihyo VLive
Jeongyeon and Jihyo Friends V The girls have a mini podcast where they talk about their friendship and answering ONCE questions and comments. (Watch here) March 19, 2016
Tzuyu vlive
Kim Tzuyu Cook V Tzuyu has a cookery show where she cooks kimbap and ramen for her manager unni and oppas. She also writes a sketch with her manager oppa to show how much she has improved with her Korean. (Watch here) March 12, 2017
Nayeon vlive
Nayeon Serendipity Nayeon has her radio chat show where she talks about different topics with ONCE. (Watch here) July 8, 2017
Sana vlive 2
Sana Date V2 Sana strikes again with her 2nd date with ONCE. (Watch here) July 30, 2017
Nayeon vlive 2
Nayeon Serendipity 2 Nayeon opens another chat show for ONCE. It was also Nayeon's birthday. (Watch here & here) Sept 22, 2017
Dahyun vlive
Dahyun Piano V Dahyun shows off her piano skills by playing many different pieces for ONCE. (Watch here & here) March 10, 2018
Jihyo vlive
Jihyo Candy Night After previously failed to make kimchi pancake in Calling Recipes VLive, Jihyo challenges to cook the 2nd time with chicken feet. (Watch here) May 11, 2018
Chaeng’s Strawberry Farm
Chaeyoung Strawberry Farm Chaeyoung the strawberry princess teaches ONCE how to plant strawberries and making strawberry ice-cream. (Special guest: Tzuyu) (Watch here) May 14, 2018
Kimtzuyu season2
Kim Tzuyu Season 2 Kim Tzuyu is back with her new cooking episode! (Special guest: Momo, Jeongyeon, Sana) (Watch here and here) February 17, 2019

Melody Project

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