Hello Stalker ._., Welcome to my profile ^w^

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DubuHasBeenSnatched Profile.jpg

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Jeongyeon ppf 2.jpg
Momo ppf 2.jpg
Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo
Sana ppf 2.jpg
Jihyo ppf 2.jpg
Mina ppf 2.jpg
Sana Jihyo Mina
Dahyun ppf 2.jpg
Chaeyoung ppf 2.jpg
Tzuyu ppf 2.jpg
Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu

My Favorite Song
TWICE The Story Begins cover2.png PagetwosideB.jpg TWICEcoaster Lane 1.jpg Twicecoaster2cover.jpg
TWICE signal teaser 5.jpg TwicetagramCoverArt.jpg Merry Happy cover A.jpg WhatIsLove OnlineCover.jpg
WakeMeUp normal cover.jpg IWantYouBack Cover.jpg SummerNightsOnlineCover.jpg BDZGroupTeaser3.jpg
BDZRepackage2.jpg Yes Or Yes Digital Cover.jpg Fancyyou-digital.jpg Happy Happy Normal Edition Cover.jpg
Breakthrough Normal Edition cover.jpg Feel Special Online Cover.jpg &TWICE Promo 4.jpg More&More Online Cover.jpg
Fanfare Normal Edition Cover.png Better Regular Edition A.jpg

Fancy Dahyun Teaser 2.jpg
My bias is
TWICE Japan Official Twitter Update 170805.PNG
I am a
I CAN'T STOP ME MV Platform Teaser gif.gif
My favorite song is
I Can't Stop Me!

Risky Risky Wiggy Wigi.gif
Risky Risky Wiggy Wigi This Is A Emergency

My Spotify Playlist

I'am is an Ɐdmin on these wikis!
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My wikis!
PURPLE K!SS WikiJYP Nation WikiYooA WikiENHYPEN Wiki

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