What Is Love? is the fifth extended play (EP) by South Korean girl group Twice. The EP, along with the music video of the same name was distributed, released digitally and physically by JYP Entertainment on April 9, 2018.

Background and release

The title song "What Is Love?" composed by Park Jinyoung is described as a dance song about love and the curiosity of girls who learned love from movies and dramas. It has a bright melody with up tempo dance beat and trap.

It was revealed on the album preview at Twice Official Twitter on March 27, the album consists of 2 versions of cover and photo book, 1 out of 9 random CD covers, 5 out of 90 different photo cards, 1 out of 9 scratch cards, lyrics book, 1 out of 9 random post cards and 1 out of 9 stickers. And also for pre-orders, the album would also include an extra 9 photo cards for each version, a poster and an event card which is only limited for 300 people.


  1. What Is Love? (composed and written by JYP)
  2. Sweet Talker (Lyrics by Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung)
  3. Ho! (Lyrics by Jihyo)
  4. Dejavu
  5. Say Yes
  6. Stuck (CD only)
TWICE "What is Love?" 30sec

TWICE "What is Love?" 30sec. Player

Music Shows


Music Shows


Music video

According to Jeongyeon on VLive, Twice took 4 days to film the music video.

Each scenes in the "What Is Love?" video is referencing different romance movies:


Behind The Scenes




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